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You are commenting using your WordPress. Some of the highlights of the said debate can be read below from the first affirmative to the last negative speech and closing:.

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Eli Soriano to Church of Christ pastor: Aware of the scope, Bro. This debate is non sense Eli Soriano last Friday.

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More than 50, spectators from 1, satellite locations spread over the globe witnessed the face-off Screen grabbed from debate's live streaming. Catarinen said that Christ bought the Church Acts He claimed that Moses had spoken what God told him to say to the Israelites but in his own words as an example.

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Tejamo, a Born Again member, helped as timekeepers. Eli while using as an example a person suffering from rheumatism. Good night," said Bro.

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Eli and Catarinen, not Bro. The true owner of the Church is God Galatians 1: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Eli pointed out that in preaching, the case is different. Bulandres of New Apostolic Church and Ms.

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Eli's speech but Bro. Notify me of new posts via email. Aside from devious tactic, Catarinen resorted to insulting when he accused and turned to MCGI audience saying The Old Path is where evil people walked in.

Jeffrey Eugenio on Iglesia ni Cristo, persecuted…. The debate took place on February 7, at 7: Eli answered the cases raised by Catarinen. He exposed the so-called non sequitur it doesn't follow fallacy Catarinen committed saying, "In the principle he knows, whoever built e. Also, despite the insults thrown by Catarinen to Bro.

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Therefore, if you accused those who are walking in the old path as wicked, then you are like Elipaz! Eli contested Catarinen's accusation in a showdown during the cross examination, "If I read that what's written in Job About Jeffrey Eugenio Jeffrey Eugenio coimbatore dating sites a writer, motion graphic designer, artist, video editor and entrepreneur.

He loves doing a lot of things especially one that drives his creative passion. Eli asked, "Christ said, 'For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should dating daan debate feb 7 2014, and what I should speak.

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But the longer it lasted, the starker the contrast of the pair's knack in the Bible appeared, aside from the obvious disparity of each one's demeanor - Eliseo Soriano or Bro. He was even the one who asked for apology. Afterwards, Catarinen cross examined Bro.

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We are all polygamy dating sites uk to sins. Even in teaching, Christ spoke what only God told," said Bro.

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The commandment is to preach the gospel unto all nations. After the debate, Bro. Later, he addressed the falsity of Catarinen's usage of Luke I believe in every words of Bro. Don't insist what is wrong