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They'd say they wanted me to stop doing XYZ. I am at the top of my profession, a company director, highly innovative etc. I could ask Psychology Today to delete it although I'm not sure they would at this point and doing so would take with it all the comments that people have shared. Self-worth repair within core trauma work can help him, but it's like 'boot camp' for the soul.

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That path was pre-ordained due to her pathological envy and hatred. I must tell you, I felt nauseated and heartsick at seeing these little girls in adult costumes and full makeup, and I thought; these are the Borderlines of tomorrow!

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Our couples' counselor, whom Borderwife just stopped attending with me, likewise has not led us in this direction. The answer is simple, as soon as you identify that a potential partner has either a narcissistic or borderline personality, cut your losses and run.

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The dating npd point you speak of is toxic. Do I love her?

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Diagnostic labels should be handled with care and caution. So was my gf at the time 8 yrs later my wifebut I believe she is also Cluster B, big time. I don't know what normal is. Their respective vibrational frequencies would surely repel each other.

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The dating npd narcissist still hates themselves, just as the borderline does. Even Saint Anthony came into my life four real-life Anthonys, all at once. Personality disorders are not a spectrum. To borrow a little of your own wisdom It doesn't matter how smart or powerful he is, she'll turn his world upside-down to where he could lose his entire fortune, acquire a serious disease, and literally become a shadow of his former self.

For more information or to contact please visit: I know that if he stays there much longer he could be dead soon. Finally, they tend to be not as close emotionally with their partner when in a romantic relationship.

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BPD should be, and is, just another form of narcissism.