Chinese guy dating malay girl Malays Guys Prefer To Date Chinese Girls

Chinese guy dating malay girl

Click here to cancel reply. Barry December 11, at I doubt a Chinese chinese guy dating malay girl would be interested in a Malay guy UNLESS he is just a better alternative with good personality or well-off compared to another male Chinese choice.

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I agree with you, that we will be the one spending the rest of our lives with the other person. We're still the same, got 2 legs, got 2 hands, 1 body, 1 mind.

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Most of them will become A old history of crossbreeds! Wether you like it or not.

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Although our local prof objected the statement, but this showes to us the perspective from the foreigner. After that, we came to conclude that we are nt part of a normal high school love story, this was something else.

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Advertising opinions and views needed. We wannt our girls, but do our girls want us?

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Besides that, I have lots of Chinese friends too and I find no problem blending and enjoying their cultures. Just to give an eg, for mine.

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Dear all, Appreciate if you could kindly advise whether you guys could recommend a Chinese girl that are looking forward with Malay guy relationship please. Most of the ppl in my area are like that. I bet my parents would love her as a daughter lol. Will you be truely happy to be with some chinese guy and knowing that you still have a spot in your heart for your bf?

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Name required Email required Website. I never thought that chinese would like me u know.


Po ba to sir? However, saw it coming didnt you? So to my thoughts that why they picked malays. Average number of cabs sitting idle each month up sharply from Page 1 of 3. Of course the chinese family would oppose such relationship.

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I hardly see a Malay guy with a Chinese girl. There is allot of history to it that is not understood even by Muslims themselves. Is there anything to be historically proud about except for all history that you have been brainwashed with in school.

Nas August 19, at 5:

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