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In addition, consider the symbolism in Chapter 7 dealing with the four empires. CSov, ] They may further have appealed to a need to overcome previous decentralization and protect against conspiracy against the new governing authority. But it should be pointed out that other important authors like Ezra received no mention either.

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They didn't believe that accurate prophecy of the future was possible. Prophecy Belief in Modern American Culture. The angel Gabriel informs him that the ram represents the Medes and Persians, the goat is Greece, and the "little horn" is a wicked king. Dan, 64], and kings themselves were already regarded as "the receptor par excellence for oracles. Macedon, Asia Minor, the Seleucid daniel dating, and Egypt.

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Other stylistic indications fit an earlier period: Nebucadnezzar was known to have been fascinated by the tall cedars of Lebanon; the dream recorded would have been appropriate to him in that respect although it also bears resemblance to conceptions of a "world tree" in currency - Porte.

JosDan - Vermes, Geza. Chaldeans It is said that the term "Chaldeans" was not as specialized in the 6th century B.

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BDan, ; see also Porte. An interpretation adds to this argument. Broadman and Holman, To see a late date for Daniel based on this point is weak. Baldwin goes on to say that although the term is used only in the ethnic sense in Assyrian records in the th centuries B.

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It could be that Darius the Mede had dual names; this sort of argument is advanced by Colless [Coll. Our fourth objection set concerns another personage in the Book of Daniel - Darius the Mede.

World Religions in America: However, Walton daniels dating a variety of unnecessary assumptions that make his explanation gratuitous. Daniel simply used the nearest matching word he could find in the language he had available. Most proponents of this view, like Callahan [Call. It is commonly answered that Daniel was away on state business [Luck.

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