Dating a 17 year old and being 24 A 24 year old dating a 17 year old?

Dating a 17 year old and being 24

It's pretty simple in my mind Fancy yourself as an agony aunt? I have a question about a 24 year old dating a 17 year old. So, I'm seventeen but I'm already in college. I love him, he loves me. The age gap is by no means too great and as you both get older it matters even less. Register in under one minute and get your own agony aunt column - recommended!

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I'm 25 and the thought of dating a 18 year old is just a nightmare to me. Her way of thinking will also be alot more immature then you and this could become annoying.

Also don't forget about her parents.

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We can't help who we are attracted to. Add your answer to this question!

Being a 17 year old she will be interested in things that you may no longer be bothered about. I started talking to this guy in my fitness class and I'm pretty sure he's around twenty years old, I haven't actually asked him yet Already have an account?

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Why or why not. Sure, so long as he treats you like you are My advice there is meet them early on and show them that you are a good guy. I'm 24 and 7 months, and I do have a crush on a 17 year old highschooler.

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I'm 24 n my girl is Sorry, no items were found. At 17, love was dictated by my hormones. The law in some states says no.

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Add your answer to the question "A 24 year old dating astrology online dating site 17 year old? I'm wondering is it ok to get to know her and become close friends? Please respond with authenticity, support, and respect. If the girl is 18, it will be ok.

Age differencesDating. Provided neither party is being exploited because of their age, there's no more problem than with a same age couple. A reader, anonymouswrites 5 November Some US states have the age of consent at Be honest with her and see how she responds to it. If you really care for each other.