Dating a girl who is bipolar This Is Exactly What Someone With Bipolar Disorder Needs From A Relationship

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Know that if someone's mood appears to change a lot more than yours, they probably have a mood disorder. If you or a loved one engineers dating nurses be worried you have bipolar disorder, seek help by visiting your GP, or find support at http: I'm also a very forgiven person, so I took her back every time.

It can be for you as well. It was almost like I was still her boyfriend. I don't regret it, she was a wonderful girl during the good times, but then the horrid bad times came along and she too cheated on me, not with one guy, she did it with four guys including her therapist!

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Thank you so much for your perspective. I tried my best. First of all, bless your heart for this. Do not freak the moment difficulty arises in your relationship.

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Run as fas as you can. Maybe it's just her illness and that's not her fault. Just remain calm, and be as supportive as you can. I can all but dating a girl who is bipolar you that the reason my reply doesn't have more upvotes which I really don't care about, I'm a grown man is the fact that I talk about bipolar being a reason for a lot of things but an excuse for very little.

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It sounds contradictory but its more a balance between the extremes. It can be hard on me, but it sometimes it can keep me moving forward. It has had a toll on me mentally and has damaged my self esteem to the Nth degree.

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I've been doing some research and think she has bipolar depression because all the symptoms and stories of characteristics of this illness she shows. By Irene Koutsidis May 19 Another trait is we often judge our happiness through others, and seek approval from people.

Be Strong dude and follow your heart.

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I began smoking a lot of weed and my partner did here and there to help with his RA he's very young so this is hard to live with at the expense of being up all night. I and my husband was been married for 10 years, he has bipolar, he left me and the kids for 2 years, To God be the glory, i was lucky o come across a spiritualist Robinson buckler when i was surfing in the internet, i told him my issues and he said he will solve my problem and i did all he asked me to do and after some days, my husband contacted me not only that, my husband is back now and he has been cured from this bipolar disorder by Robinson buckler, he is perfectly alright now, i don't know Robinson buckler did what he did but i will always remain grateful as long as live and i won't stop sharing this comment.

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In the same way, I love and trust my wife, and I respect her intelligence and common sense.