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Dating a middle-aged widower, select as most helpful opinion?

I have gotten to know the kids well.


Hine sight is a bitch. At least, I would know something one way or the other. Not once, not twice, on an ongoing basis.

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At first I thought this was a flippant coincidence with my own experience, but then I heard about Peter, a dating a middle-aged widower of a friend who lost his wife about 18 months after I did. I think it is selfish and self serving….

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Also close this question. Tell him your worries.

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I also think he is able to forget about Krista so easily because even though she died, technically, she chose to leave him and took the baby with her. It makes it easier for people to fix you up, and leads to far fewer awkward situations. I do think that when widowed date they should take pains not to inflict grief stuff on prospective partners and probably have a semi-decent handle on their expectations and what they are willing to give in return and be honest about it.

I don't plan to be as immersed in my loss someday as I have been, and I'm already emerging into a different stage and dealing better. So I need to get out there and make some friendships.

Do I tell him I am in love with him first, or just ask where is our relationship is headed? Does my dating a middle-aged widower still love his late wife?

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If this relationship is something you believe has a future, and you still want that future, a serious discussion is needed. I'm still seeing her, in fact, but it's awkward now we live in different countries.

An avatar though is a representation of who you are right now and where you are.

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You should what makes you happy and feels comfortable. I am just so scared to hear his response when I ask these questions, he is headstrong at times.

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We started dating just after Labor Day. I have a little different situation as I am the widow-not the the man I am dating. That my friends is the eye of the beholder The thing is if you don't feel capable of doing that yourself and you refused to stop talking about about your former spouses whenever he fits into the conversation holy moly glad I don't have to be part of that conversation - and honestly who wants to hear someone drone on and on about their deceased spouse ad nauseum or shoe horn them into every conversation that "fits" ; do you seriously expect people to put up with this indefinitely?

But he goes out of his way every single day to show me his future is me and lets me know he wants mine to be him. Some people do need time.

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Pages Home Disclosure My huge list of blogs by widowed people. I think Abel gives fairly good advice - from a man's perspective.

Some will do it out loud and some will keep it to themselves. I sincerely believed that without the manipulative influence of that self-centered, little bitch we would still be together.