Dating thug life What are the Pros and Cons of dating a thug and a nice guy

Dating thug life

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Your man's dad is Notify me when there are new discussions. Your man's clothes are See all African-American Discussions. Since women aren't used to seeing nice guys do bad things whereas they are for the thugs, that makes more sense for them to be shocked about it. Aug 11, at International users, click here.

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I suggest you head over to the Meme Research Forum and ask around for some help in filling out the details. You are having an intimate talk and your man's cell phone rings, does he None that I can think of, even though the many excuses that black women give for not wanting to date them.

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Your man's eyes light up when I can never get why drama is so essential for our women in our generation as there's nothing exciting and interesting about bad things happening to them. Blacks have no culture.

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I prefer the nice guy just because I like an old fashioned nice guy but the con to the nice guy is that it's always more heartbreaking when they do something wrong. Thanks for kicking off the conversation!

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Your man has lied to you His momma his pet turtle his car you the hustle Question Likely endangers a black woman's life by putting them in high risk situations like drug hustling in unsafe neighborhoods where shoot outs and drivebys are prevalent and likely to abuse, rape, rob, steal from, murder, and deadbeat their kids. Feb 07 3, Paterson, NJ Please wait Your man's vehicle is One of your man's friends is in trouble, does he