Daughter dating older boy What to Do If Your Teen Is Dating an Older Guy

Daughter dating older boy

What makes it bad? Please Dove, I just happened to see this post and thought I'd put my two cents in. Teen boys and girls feel pressure to have sex for different reasons, but engaging in sexual activity is a means of validation for both.

This is a parent's veiwpoint.

People thought this was You're just looking for attention here, aren't you? That word is overused and abused. Answer honest, would you allow a male my age to date a younger daughter around ? Please come back here and share your words of wisdom once you've gained another decade of parenting experience.

Women mature much earlier, which is why you feel a 'connection'.

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The transition to dating can be emotional not only for her, but also for you. I wouldn't let you near my daughter, the reasons you have given make you sound like a pedophile. At this age, teens are very impressionable and prone to peer pressure.

They are not my preference. A pedophile is someone attracted to prepubescent girls. I do find women my age appealing.

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Here's how to handle it. What age should I let my daughter start dating?

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I would not permit my 16 year old to spend daughter dating older boy alone with a man 5 years her senior. Membership is just one click away.

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Men being attracted to pubescent girls is completely natural and normal. What are some tips for approaching your teenager about who they are dating? Men's brains develop differently. Scott is quick to point out that even if both partners believe the contact was voluntary, state statutory rape laws are based on the age of the parties involved.

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