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This is a match of scrubs. I play pvp with my friends who are at similar skill level. Bungie wants to promote their new 'competitive' hellish systems without actually coming out and saying skill-based matchmaking. But I do know what I'm doing, I've made it to the Lighthouse more than a few times, I do decently in the crucible. Lol, I am a horrible PvP player and only do it for the marks once per day.

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I avidly played pvp pre-ttk. Sometimes you'll be on top of the scale, sometimes you'll be on the bottom.

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You'll have to use the best in class weapons and every trick in the book to carry the team. And I lost that game The way I knew this is from the bounty where you must play 15 ish? Also if you think playing with people around your skill level and then going solo is bad, try being considered high skill by the stats and playing in fireteams with a lot of players who get to go. Don't have an account? But it allows for more pubstomping so I can understand why the devs implemented it.

So then there's a bunch of matches out there where everyone's just soaking up bullets and walking through walls like zombie jesus? In Destiny supers spawns supers, a decent team will have supers before first destiny matchmaking skill spawns.

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Light Mode Become a Guardian of the Light. If your perception of your rando-teammates is that they are 'retards,' then how do you impersonate that? Just destiny matchmaking skill Rift, give it my all, and hope to win. After being the only player who actually put in any effort, being matched with a group of retards for almost 2-hours. Also, I think orbs should not drop in pvp at all.

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There's no concrete evidence that the game isn't, "fun" with SBMM. Instead, it should try to have the average kd be that of the network host. I get matched with other people around 1.

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You won't be able to vote or comment. It murders my soul to play control without a team. This is my identical experience. I like the experiments you've run and I agree that MM happens at the beginning of the match but not during.