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Egypt gay dating sites

This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat However, they had no organized internal support, pleaded innocent, and were tried under the state security courts. He now has legal representation, and his appeal will be heard on October Not specifically outlawed, under other morality laws punishment up to 17 years with or without hard labor and fines.

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In addition to the law on prostitution, other public morality or order-based laws gave the police and judges significant leeway to jail or fine gay and bisexual men.

When photos of the flag raised by Ahmed Alaa, a year-old Egyptian law student, and his friends went viral, the expression of LGBTIQ creative dating profile usernames quickly turned into a repressive campaign that has accelerated Egypt's attack on human rights under president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. As the religious law of all officially-recognized religions in Egypt chief among them Islam and Coptic Orthodox Christianity do not recognize homosexual relationships as legitimate, Egyptian law only recognizes a marriage between a man and a woman.

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The person believed to have raised the flag in a rare show of gay rights solidarity in the conservative country is a woman — the first to be arrested on such charges in years. In many recent situations, the men are being arrested for meeting or attempting to meet other adult men through various Internet chatrooms and message boards.

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According to a statement from Amnesty International on Monday, 22 arrests have been made in the last egypt gay dating sites days, sparking fears the wave of detentions is not over yet. They face up to two years in prison. Have you established direct lines of communication with LGBT activists in countries where users are at risk?

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These measures are clearly not working — the arrests and crackdowns continue to happen with apparent ease. In unfriendly places, they let members of an invisibly ubiquitous community connect with ease.

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LGBT rights in Africa. Location obfuscation prevents trilateration, it does does not prevent entrapment.

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For information about homosexuality in antiquity, see homosexuality in ancient Egypt. North Africa contained some of the most visible and well-documented traditions of homosexuality in the world - particularly during the period of Mamluk rule.


After concertgoers shared photos of the rainbow flag display on social media, pro-government media went on an overdrive attack and conservative politicians and religious leaders demanded that the government take action.

Likewise, when an Egyptian film or television program does deal with LGBT-themes it tends to do so in a negative fashion, but even a negative depiction still produces controversy from social conservatives. Ancient Egyptian documents never clearly say that same-sex relationships were seen as reprehensible or despicable. At least five of those detained recently had been subjected to such examinations, Amnesty said on Monday.

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The pandemic first reached Egypt in the s, although public health effort were left to NGO's until the s, when the government began to initiative polices and programs in response to the pandemic. Login to save articles.

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Why" featured a wealthy Egyptian man who has an affair with a British soldier. Dependencies and other territories. But the mentality hasn't shifted," Jasmine says.

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