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Guy to girl ratio on dating sites, bumble: 59% female

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Anyway as a guy, your chances of success go up by writing a good profile, showing that you are interesting, posting pictures a girl only needs to post pics if she is attractive. This scenario isn't the norm unless there is something unique about you that the other person finds attractive or you are much better looking than the norm. My male experience has some downsides too of course, but nothing that would come close to this.

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I recorded the number of male and female profiles found with each search in a spreadsheet. There's a huge range in the percentage of women versus men on different apps.

Do Men Really Outnumber Women on Dating Sites?

Once I do she tells me about how she kept getting harassed, how men open with sexual messages, start abusing her if she doesn't respond guy to girl ratio on dating sites 5 minutes, or suddenly seem to switch characters completely from one message to the next if things aren't going their way.

Knowing the demographics would just be some sort of salve to the ego of those who aren't getting the level of response they want.

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Since overall it is much more common for men to send the first message than women, many women have inboxes full of messages ranging from carefully-penned introductions to misspelled one-liners. So if you see someone you like — just go for it. Comment 1 Evan wrote Does it vary from site to site?

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Anyway, that might not be the ratio for your particular demographic, though, so not necessarily a useful number. If the list of top forum posters are any indication and I can't see how it could beit seems like the ratio for this site is somewhere between and in "favor" of guys.

So in other words, no, you have no recommendations.

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None of this matters. What is the male to female ratio on - Match.

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