Hbo interracial dating documentary “The Loving Story”: How an Interracial Couple Changed a Nation

Hbo interracial dating documentary

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They are the namesake of the landmark Supreme Court case that struck down the anti-miscegenation laws still on the books in 16 states some 13 years after school segregation was deemed unconstitutional. Speaking as one half of an interracial couple, I find the latter approach most common these days.

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But more enlightening is the extensive, high-quality archival video and photography of the Lovings just being a family at home. In a poll of Mississippi voters last April, nearly half of the registered Republicans said they thought interracial marriage should be illegal. Dating he suddenly stopped calling ofonlymarried couples in the US—fewer than 1 percent—consisted of a black spouse and a white spouse.

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The most striking thing about Mildred and Richard Loving is that they never wanted to be known. Richard, dressed in jeans and a work shirt, has his back to the camera. None of this, obviously, compares with what the Lovings faced on a daily basis. Asked by his lawyer whether he he had anything to say to the Supreme Court, Richard replied: When their lawyer, Bernard Cohen, asked Richard whether he had anything to say to the justices, he replied simply: In a poll of Mississippi voters last April, nearly half of the registered Republicans said they thought interracial marriage should be outlawed.

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That was our interracial dating documentary. They just wanted to come home to Virginia to be near their families. If a documentary can inspire us to look past the politics and punditry to recognize the interracial dating documentary of the people our laws demonize, then it has certainly done the nation a service. Bazile agreed to suspend their one-year prison sentences if they would leave the state.

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For while there are interviews with daughter Peggy and some family friends, Richard and Mildred are no longer with us—and one of their two sons has also died. Indeed, in real-world interracial relationships, race is impossible to ignore. And while the film pushed boundaries with its subject matter, it revolved around the mere existence of an interracial couple as opposed to their relationship. But there are still fears: Most Americans are okay with black-white marriage— a national poll this past September found that a record number approved.

Inafter five years of sneaking back and forth to visit their families, Mildred wrote to Attorney General Robert Kennedy asking for help.

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Much has changed in the past 45 years. They preferred to stay home.

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The film opens with an extended scene of Mildred helping their daughter, Peggy, put on her socks and shoes. These couples are also relatively rare in mainstream media—or at least realistic representations of them.