Hook up fitbit to phone How do I get notifications from my phone on my Fitbit device?

Hook up fitbit to phone, information

Verify that Do Not Disturb is off Notifications —Your phone must be set to receive notifications before they can be sent to your Fitbit device. To turn off all notifications from a specific app, press and hold a notification from that app and tap Off. Aria 2 also has "Aria 2" written on the back of the scale.

If you want to see calendar notifications, make sure any other calendar apps are synced with your default calendar app. Confirm or adjust these settings: If your screen is dimmed, turn your wrist towards you or double tap to see the notification.


The Fitbit Connect installer opens. Note that most Fitbit devices do not come with a dongle.

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Notifications don't work properly. You can choose to see calls, texts, calendar events, and more depending on dating places in brooklyn Fitbit device.

Make sure your charged Fitbit device is nearby. Text message—The sender's name or number and the message, unless you chose to see only the sender in your app settings. Return to your web browser and tap or click I'm Connected.

Get the Fitbit App to Set Up Your Device

If a text notification is long, swipe down to scroll through the entire contents of the text. Can't get through the "Upgrading database Make sure you allow hooks up fitbit to phone to access your calendar, and that you specifically allow the Fitbit app to access your calendar notifications.

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Calls, texts, calendar events within the hour, emails, and other push notifications from apps you choose. I live in Europe, Lithuania. Notifications longer than 40 characters won't appear in full.

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Find the details below. For best results, connect Ionic to your home or work Wi-Fi network. What router settings do I need to set up and sync Aria? Phones and Tablets Windows 10 Computers Windows 8.