Hook up line voltage thermostat Install 240 V Line Voltage Thermostat For a Baseboard Heater

Hook up line voltage thermostat

I used a volt-meter and checked each line individually. Cover the twisted bare copper end with a plastic wire nut.

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Carefully shove the green, white, and red wires back into the box. I just chose the red wire.

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Some line voltage thermostats may fit on the device itself. Line voltage thermostats are extremely simple mechanical devices. Since this is a V circuit, you're actually turning off 2 circuit breakersnot just one. Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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Trying to wire a v line-voltage thermostat. Turn off the circuit breaker or pull the fuses that send power to the device.

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Simple "line voltage" T stat wiring. Sign up using Facebook. Wirenut the two ground wires, adding a third ground wire.

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Sign up or log in StackExchange. Both lines could "look" hot if you are measuring to hook up line voltage thermostat. The volt power supply has a white neutral wire that comes from the main electrical power panel. If you have your walls open and drywall down, install a wall thermostat.

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You can install a thermostat on the heater itself, but this means bending down every time you want to adjust the heat. Once the line side is hooked up, test if it practical.

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The other end of the hot wire is loadmeaning it flows to your baseboard. I am trying to replace my old v line-voltage thermostat with a modern version.

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But because this V device has so much juice flowing through it, you'll fry the device--or worse, fry yourself--if you do it wrong. Line voltage thermostats control electrical power to heating and cooling devices. If you have V when checking both wires together, and only two wires on funny online dating email examples, there is something wrong with the new fancy switch.

Or similarly, a green or bare wire coming out of it? They don't need neutral, so white is re-tasked to be another hot, and should be wrapped with tape to mark it.