Is it illegal for a 30 year old dating 16 Can a 16 year old date a 30 year old legally?

Is it illegal for a 30 year old dating 16

I'm going to do some investigating you, because if your as nice as you seem to be.

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Every generation has it's own general mindset on this topic. You are way too young to be with a 31 year old, if you stay with him the age difference is going to catch up with you.

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Socially no only because of the phase called ''teenager'' which society sees as an extended part of childhood. Furthermore, starting the relationship at 15 was quite a bad idea.

See all Rates or Search Selected. It's dumb to take a chance on someone so young Judged: We haven't had sex and I don't plan to until after I'm married.

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I know the facts. It's dumb to take a chance on someone so young.

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Billy Durke comes to mind. You want to be an adult, date adults, then live as one: Its not me its my daughters friend and the mother doesnt know but she is fixing to and yes there is no reason fora a 26 year old man to want a 16 year old kid except for sex.

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At thirty one my dad was married with three kids and a mortgage, at 17 I still wanted my mom when I was sick. I don't think he'll try to change my mind about my choice on waiting to have sex.

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Sexual activity is illegal under any circumstances for under year olds. This is because the law judges that young people cannot make informed decisions about sex, both physically and emotionally, even if they are physically able to have sex. If you need to talk, we're here.

Didnt tell her why I wanted yo kno if she knew u I completely took everything you said seriously.

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Aug 11 47 Cadiz, KY Please wait Immigration entry into foreign nationals without government permission, violation States get our newsletter! You cannot legally have sex with them if you are more than 5 years older than they are, when they're under the age of Questions About Consent and Relationships. If he is caught or turned in, regardless of consent of the parents or the girl, she in the commonwealth of Kentucky is considered a ward of the state and her case will be held under the state officials ad attorney, state of Kentucky v. The age of consent also exists to protect young people from being sexually exploited or abused by older people.

Is it illegal for a 30 year old dating Yep and I think you know that already. It is legal do date them.

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He is way too old. He should be in JAIL.

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No, it's not wrong at all. You are the captain of your ship. How many hours do I wear it each day?

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I do my research. Enter your email to get updates on this discussion. I'm 19 so no not personal. It is absolutely illegal for him to touch her in any single sexual way whatsoever.