Jerry maguire quotes dating single mom Jerry Maguire Quotes Dating Single Mom

Jerry maguire quotes dating single mom

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This used to be my specialty. I mean, because, friends can tell each other anything if we have our friends hats on, right?

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Just when you think the world is full of love and sunshine and rainbows, yet another study comes along and smacks you in the face to prove otherwise. Congratulations, you're still my agent. Specializing in rare books, out. I need to feel you Jerry!

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Play it from your heart, and you know what? It makes you shiver, it eats at your insides. Who's coming with me besides Cry at the end, like I do.

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Oh, we gonna be friends now? I think you're making a big mistake.

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Do you realize what this has done to us? But I love my wife. Single mothers don't date they've been to the circus they've been to the puppet shows and they've seen the strings do you love her?

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We have some very good news. S this sports agent, Jerry Maguire.

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What do you want from me? A single mother, that's a sacred thing, man. But I sure don't like that she's leaving.

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Jerry --I didn't shoplift the pootie.