Joy and chanyeol dating [KPKF] Joy's looks are blooming because she's dating?

Joy and chanyeol dating, is joy dating sungjae?

And people tend to forget that there is Chanyeol too, walked with them.

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They get support in Korea, Melody and RV is blend really well. It's too obvious and i hope they tone down it a bit. Chanyeol Possibly Dating Joy?

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When she turns 37, DO turns I'm not saying this because of I'm a fan of chanyeol and I like joy to, but when netizens say things like this can be a bit annoying and not to mention that it can make it awkward between the artists that became victims of this kind of rumors! That "evidence" is weaker than a piece of thread holding up an: That would be like saying because Suho teased her they are in a relationship.

I don't think that they are dating.

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I don't think her and Sungjae are actually dating but I do think she enjoys pretending to date him on WGM! The social media user even stated that at one point of time "Joy is spotted looking back at someone and then turn around and smiles.

More than Vrene tbh.

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The only thing that i noticed is Chanyeol joys and chanyeol dating to know her at first but the scandal make him turn back meanwhile Joy put a wall, cause she knows if she dating him, she will dead by Exo-L. But then all of a sudden, Heechul comes back to Joy so Chanyeol takes a selfie with Baekhyun.

And we can't forget how Suho always trying to closer with RV in any occasion and even willingly to appear as biggest fanboy for RV.

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In fact, it hasn't been legit prove if it was Irene or his manager. She's flirty type but i guess she more reserved to boys.

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Second, they just walked together. In fact they are dating so i think it is same for Irene. When I took a closer look to where he was looking at, he was looking at the direction of Heechul making fun of Joy. K-Pop A lovely place where you can share your love for Kpop with people from all over the world!