Junk mail from dating sites Does Getting Porn Spam Mean You’ve Been Surfing Porn Sites?

Junk mail from dating sites

My Emails in my folders are being deleted Greg BrownOct 23,in forum: The emails started again the very next morning after he returned.

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Creating junks mail from dating sites in Outlook's email in box GeofftOct 27, at 1: Off-topic comments will be removed. Thx for the clarification.

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Thank you for all the info. Scrypt2Oct 14,in forum: And that account was used to enroll in several of the dating sites as part of that.

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Sure, it could be. Underneath where it says, Move new junk messages to: I signed in with his email address from work and his password and I got in. It's a simple marketing tactic.

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More to the point of the question, we look for someone who is obviously seeking out porn. Did you login with his info or did you accidentally create an account? My boyfriend gets lots of spam that we used to fight over because the sender made it seem like he had replied to them previously.

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Quote message in reply? Please i need to kno if hes lying. I am so fed up with porn spam emails!

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We are in our mid 40's with grown children who do not live with us. A few months ago.

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Just puts you on more lists. The only thing you can do is mark it as spam in your email program or webmail and eventually it should learn to identify those kinds of email as spam and send them to the spam folder. I have never been on a born site or cheated but about two months ago I was looking on craigslist for some furniture and I sent a message to several posters who had pieces I was interested in.