Laws against dating a minor in california Statutory Rape: The Age of Consent

Laws against dating a minor in california

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Law Office of Peter F. She may be great company, but you had better be sure.

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They cannot file any charge against you. Free Case Evaluation by a Local Lawyer!

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See generally Penal Code section and the subparts thereof. You can talk to and be friends with whomever you like.

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Of course, proof that that DID happen must be provided for conviction. If same is filed then get an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to help you right away.

Sang Tracey Sang No, you have not committed a crime if there's no sex. Popular Questions Should someone turn themselves in to police before getting an attorney? No one person is worth a potential life sentence!

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I strongly recommend you get good legal advise and think about this very carefully. Law Offices of Scott Tibbedeaux Scott Tibbedeaux No, you cannot be convicted if you are not having sexual activity with your girlfriend under Penal Code It seems that this is more of an issue between the fifteen year old and her parents. If youeven as a minor, have sex with a minor, male or female, you can be in a lot of trouble.

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This would probably make your relationship easier. If I ran from the halfway house, what will happen when I turn myself in? Coopersmith If you're not having sex or any type of sexual activity, they can't convict you of anything.

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Law Office of Joseph A. Coopersmith, Attorney at Law Alanna D. All in all it is a risky proposition.

What Is Statutory Rape?

They say that they will press charges on me, but what could they convict me for if we are not having sex or any type of sexual activity? Mere dating is not enough. What is statute The parents could allege anything they dream up, and you would be facing arrest and legal problems, whether you claim innocence or not.