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And all posters why are you wasting time on posting go learn! Not such a large amount and great deal of them are Sephardim, some of which are not too religious. Aside from aberrations like minhag Ashkenaz, Yidden who would like to but cannot make it to Meron have hadlokos bonfiresupsherin, parades etc. Comment 1 Face it: One sided piece that omits the fact that large segments of the frum velt deliberately do not take part in this, for various reasons.

The otherwise five-minute drive literally takes hours, if not all day. She was 74 years old.

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Shimon is happy with what is being done in his name, and what has been done for centuries. I see matzav reportedthere. The childless couples that came to Meron on the yahrzeit, and were blessed with babies, are invited back to Meron.

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Shimon is happy with at least some of what is being done in his name. Shabbos Parshas Zachor has been designated for this special get-together in Meron to celebrate the miracle of the births.

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As Gimmel Tammuz is commemorated around the world, spend this time with the Rebbe by watching these special featured videos. I believe that Gerrer Chasdidim stay away as well, in addition to some Satmar types. They clearly feel closer to R. Traffic on it is at a complete standstill all day. Tradition has given the Rebbes of Boyan the privilege of lighting the major bonfire on the rooftop of the Ohel structure.

BS"D - בסיעתא דשמיא

And 6 not so simple, and if they are not live hookup to mironthere fore what?!! Wednesday, November 1, I just want to say I was in Meron today and I was very inspired. Some shut eye may have calmed you down. Yisroel Hager of Vizhnitz, one of the largest Chassidic groups, told the bochurim not to go to Meron on lag baomer.

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So what do you think? To watch a live feed from Meron. Rav Ovadia Mibartenura notes the success of this tradition.