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Lol matchmaking taking forever

Currently I have about games won and 70 games lost, almost all played while queuing solo. What should we call you?

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If you are having trouble finding PvP matches, please read the latest Captain's Log http: That way, we can see if it's server problem or really just no people playing ranked. I can always get a casual game near instantly, why does ranked take so long? This time we had a 0 MMR guy, who never did the tutorial and complained about the game!

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I'm strongly betting my wait times will be around ten minutes like the other veterans. Well, it depends on the matchmaking taking forever of your opponents. Still, one leaver you, Rather.


It can take a couple minutes to find matches sometimes, but once it fills out your squad matches normally come pretty quickly. You are leaving LeagueofLegends.

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This has happened a few times with different people. Don't have an account? Just waited about 35 minutes for the last game, approx Q timer said I have to wait over an hour to join a game I'm coming from CSGO where its solid in matching people in your skill group. WEU strangely is laggier and takes longer to find people.

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Leave questions and feedback for the teams working on champions and gameplay. Welcome to the Forum Archive! Matchmaking in Ranked takes awhile because everyone who should be playing Ranked is playing Casual instead and being giant babies and whining about their teammates.

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I play ranked exclusively solo and it takes ages to find a game. Seems like there are way more people refusing to play ranked until they have a full team they trust and believe me, I understand completely than just queuing up at any time. Does is take a long time to find games? In fact, I just finished a match about fifteen minutes ago, and the wait was only three minutes. I hardly find a game within 20 minutes to join, even at peak times.

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What would you prefer: I get on at the same time every day and play two games. Stamgast View Profile View Posts. New Matchmaking too slow Soteri0s NA. Sometimes it takes maybe 20 or so minutes to find a game. Every mistake is a lesson. Must be level 7 or higher to post a comment.