Matchmaking for raids ‘Destiny 2' launches Guided Games matchmaking for high-level raids

Matchmaking for raids, ea's 'ufc 3' takes the fight beyond the octagon

Or I'm probably never playing those missions.

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We won't make 'House of Cards' with Kevin Spacey involved. Server communities were crap, full of assholes and arrogant matchmakings for raids.

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They want to force everyone to be sociable. Anyways, not sure I understand this correctly. Bring back the main forum list.

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If voice chat is required that might be enough to turn me off right there, because I've never liked using voice chat. There is nothing on this Earth that would make me spend a challenging, teamwork oriented, multi-hour experience with random, match made people. There will be no relying on tanks or healers to do their part to keep the team alive, there's no CC or debuffs, and I can't imagine they will have random events that wouldn't be able to prepare for in advance.

For those of you without enough matchmakings for raids to put together a quality raid group, you are simply better off not taking part rather than be put at the mercy of random match making. I'm just curious, is the only thing stopping this from being an MMO the fact that you can't openly communicate with other players?

Let's be honest, you have posts and counting on a popular video game forum. Parker, Stone, and Ubisoft deliver with a bigger, longer, and better follow-up to The Stick of Truth.

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SumJuGei or send me a pm and I'll add you. In the beta, at least, seekers will require a Nightfall ticket to participate. I'm fairly certain that the notion of random raid groups multiplied by the toxicity of the console shooter community is the actual definition of Hell, and I will gladly stick to the rest of the game should I ever be unable to put together a pre-made group.

What about non-guild activities? I better find five friends into this game enough to have end game gear like I will.

Destiny Fireteams

Matt Pascual Live Show is Available! This sequel expands on the vaunted Nemesis system in wildly entertaining ways, even as it falls short around the edges.

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They should probably incorporate the clans more as well. In short, while they hear the community asking for matchmaking, Chung sees it as not having the charm of communities that were built through online server lists.

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If they've designed their raids properly I can't envision a way to succeed in them without voice interaction, which I'll suggest has the potential to be a little bit worse than reading text. And it worked pretty well! I don't recall anything that resembled a "toxic" experience throughout the entirety of the alpha or beta.

Find groups & fireteams for Destiny 2 Raids, Nightfall and Crucible. The new home of

You run around, shoot people and use your one matchmaking for raids. It's a console game, so you're not getting a chat box. The concept excites me. It's a shame after all I invested into the original I even completed the first moments of triumph. I've never found that to be a requirement in MMOs though, if you know what you're doing ahead of time. They don't cater to all types, they cater to one type.

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You should probably be able to find a group for such a popular game without having to risk being thrown into a random group with xCronicx by a matchmaking system. This way, it'll make raids slightly more exclusive, and make exotic gear truly more exotic. Wasn't planning on getting Destiny anyway, and this just makes me feel better about my decision.

Aren't there "dungeons" in this game, entry-level content tailored for small groups?