My 17 year old son is dating a 13 year old 13 year old daughter dating 17 year old boy... Help!!

My 17 year old son is dating a 13 year old

She was my former middle school student so I admit that I was unsure about their relationship. Until they spend time with him and then he is the favourite of all the friends. Just keep an eye on things and convince your husband that you have to remain united on this. Hi mum, I am not sure if you can help me out as my daughter is 13 but if you could put this up I would appreciate it as I am desperate for constructive advice xx I need help We should raise our boys to respect the girls, free alabama dating sites hormones can be held in check.

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Move if u have to. Yeah we didn't get along very well.

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Most people believe there is a clear line between young people wanting to date and polska dating sex, and adults molesting or assaulting a child. Personally I would be more concerned about the age difference right now.

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End this relationship straight away. But not all parties agree on how strict the laws should be.

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Find a middle ground that you can all be happy with. I actually think it is illegal for a 17 year old to date a 13 year old, I would talk to his parents first and ask them if they know their son is going out with a 13 year old and if they are know talk to your daughter school councilor or even go into a police station and get some info.

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I don't care how much "maturity" kids have these dayskids are being forced to grow up too fast as it is. I'd ground her for her own safety. I met the mother of the boy very briefly.

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No actual full sexual experience but he managed her life, got her to quit school after year 10 and get a dead end job so they could marry when she was Sign Up to Comment. Don't be afraid to make her upset, you know her interests better then her, and she will thank you one day.

He broke up with me after 5 months, broke my heart and I got over it pretty quick. His decisions are his, if he proves unstable then better you're distanced from him, if he threatens empty threats you've learnt about him and again, teach her these are qualities to avoid in a man, it's not a healthy connection and you should recognise and break away asap.