No matchmaking vault of glass No, of course Destiny’s raids couldn’t work with matchmaking

No matchmaking vault of glass

They should not be allowed to during Nightfall. A raid is more defined by the difficulty and length of the engagement, not the player count.

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Raiding in any MMO has never been for the casual player. CyberLips Follow Forum Posts: Strikes get old after doing them all 1, times what feels like at least. End game is a grind fest with little reward.

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The first involves all members of the fireteam standing in specific places on a map and clearing adds while shooting oracles, which take the form of spawning balls of light. Who finally got a PS4? I'm having problems setting up a team too Having a hard time picking a name?

Please Log In to post. Here are some available suggestions. But you need teamwork and communication!

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There are 4 basic checkpoints for raiding. The tree-ring dating who can't even put in a few minutes of effort, or are too inept to use the websites right, are not the ones I want to spend a few hours with.

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Story missions are equally boring and rarely yield good drops. Zaibach Follow Forum Posts: Jesus christ, if you hate this game so much, sell it. Of course it's a grind fest.

Though I do think they should allow matchmaking and punish people who leave early. But it suffers the same problem as Borderlands 2: There will be A LOT of flaws with raid matchmaking, but people will be able to actually attempt it and complete it, regardless of if it is a hassle or time consuming.

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It makes it easier. Regardless of if you're for it or not for it, the decision is up to Bungie in the end.

Maybe if no matchmaking vault of glass fire was on. However the big popular MMOs got rid of the 40 mans because they are extremely hard to design to be fun and getting 40 players together is a nightmare.

This subreddit is Platform Neutral. Don't have an account? I don't hate this game.

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It's meant to be ground and farmed. It's a legitimate criticism. Raids are certainly not a grind.

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At first they announce we have only one explorable location per planet and now this? Ah well, that sucks. AznbkdX Follow Forum Posts: This is a long-winded way of saying I was wrong.