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I have never really thought about this type of a scenario, but it's a very good, thought-provoking question But I would date a girl like that with no problem!

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It,s all light hearted I think, no need to attack we,re all adults. What about amputation as a result from cancer like for woman having her breasts amputated or a man having his penis amputated? We had always got along wonderfully since Jr. He never told me he was missing fingers. You don't need to think about that anymore.

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When I was 17, I dated a friend of my brother's that had lost the lower half of a leg in a lawn mower as a child. The date would have never worked out because he wanted to get a hotel for the next date.

He was only after a piece of ass anyways.

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It just wouldn't leave room for more right now even if I was willing. I think many that are in relationships with people with handicaps know, understabd and value that part the most.

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In most cases, nothing is lost from the relationship, nothing is comprimised and in most cases the person is as independent, if not more, than a person without disabilities. Moving away from amputation would I date someone paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair as someone else also mentioned here?

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Dating an amputee is no different to dating anybody else. But there is someone out there for everyone. You dating amputees as well give it a try.

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So, obviously I wouldn't date them. The ideal of our website is to help you connect with someone. Would you if you had a chance?

Once i met this dating amputees while on spring break in Daytona. The other members on our site will be in similar situations as you. I can honestly say no, if I come to you whole,I expect you to come to me whole.

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Yes as long as she was able to still enjoy a healthy sexual relationship and was able to be satisfied sexually. She lives in Ohio, with her husband. If i fell in love with him, i'd marry him on the spot! Accidents happen, if YOU lost a breast to cancer, how would YOU feel if guys wouldn't date you because you weren't "whole"?!?!? Page 1 of 8. There is so much to learn and love Just my two cents, Bana-dito. Dating amputee women can be difficult at first, some women may be physically challenged and may require a little bit more commitment. Oh sure during a quicky or something I can see us both not getting to that point and I fine with that, but I like my lover to enjoy everything as much or more then I do as often as possible.

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Look at all the benefits, always a close parking spot! As one woman wrote here sex is important to her, it is for me as well.

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There are many amputee singles on our site who are looking for the same thing as you, we provide a dating service that helps amputee singles meet and date. I saw the people in the back booth move away from his hand and the people sitting accross from them stare and talk about it.