Online dating sites are pathetic Do you think online dating is pathetic?

Online dating sites are pathetic, online dating made me feel desperate and pathetic! *shudder*

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That may sound egotistical, but it's something I do try to dating sites are pathetic through with. What's wrong with online dating?

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If you would like honest critique, you can PM me, and I can help you. Right off the top of my head I would say time would be a big thing.

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Thanks for reading guys. You've got to put yourself out there. One of the main things that caught my attention is that I myself am a homebody and always have been. I guess I just found the people to be a collection of the less-than-desirable.

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In addition, slut-shaming, victim-blaming, body-policing are not allowed. Whatever happened to chivalry, romance and spontaneous love?

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We chatted more and she asked if I wanted to go to the rodeo with her and some of her friends. Is it true that online dating is only a place for pathetic people, or NSA sex?

In all walks of life you will get pathetic people or NSA sex. Be the besr person you can be and mayhaps you will find her.

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You're wasting your time if you are none of those. For you, the best thing would be to somehow meet someone in person so they can get to know the real you.

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Mind you, she didn't even take her phone out of her face long enough to pay attention to the band for one entire song, or to enjoy HERSELF let alone the music, forget about paying attention to another human being inside or outside of the place. It was sweet and we went on many dates, but it wasn't there in the end.

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As long as you don't stare at a screen when you're there and that includes your phone, mister. If it makes you feel better, when I was on those sites if a guy had tattoos I was more likely to message him. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.