Persona 4 golden dating guide Questions about Dating in Persona 4

Persona 4 golden dating guide

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Try to calm down. Persona 4 Questions about Dating in Persona 4.

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Any situation where you select a friend from a list improves the Social Link stat with the friend that is selected. What should we do instead.

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Points needed to Rank UP Rank 1: Yumi Ozawa or Ayane Matsunaga. Diamond Follow Forum Posts: God, I hate Joey so much Once Yukari saw Ai and I together, but I talked my way out of it.

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To me, Chie would make a better boyfriend than a girlfriend, if you know what I mean. You coulda talked to him At this point, you start dating her unless you choose the speech option to refuse her love. Go along with her.

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I was just wondering about some stuff today: And also if I want to ask Chie again to be my girlfriend I have to go back Six days in time to my previous save and lose about an hour in gameplay, worth it? Yukiko Amagi Star Arcana: Risette is Rise, too. That was reckless of you.

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Doesn't that sound fun? Why do you think that is?

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Give it to her yourself. Are you all right?