Scottysire and allicat dating Is Scotty Sire dating or single? Know his affairs and relationships

Scottysire and allicat dating

Scotty mother is Lebanese and she has also appeared within few of his Vine videos.

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Scotty Sire is an American star on the Vine channel who has become famous for his 6-second videos which he creates himself. His approach to the problems is very comical and his sense of humor has helped him to relate with many of his followers and fans. He is an avid anime fan who watches his favorite episodes on the internet.

He has made many funny videos in his duration.

Know her affairs and relationship 4 months ago. But from loads of pics and videos in youtube, we can surely say this couple has lots of love around them. In a very short period of time, people loved him and became a new face of youtube.

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Matthew McConaughey United States. He got his first tattoo done when he was 18 years old.

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Scotty Sire was born in Newport, California. He left this job and became a bartender.

Before Fame

Scotty love affair rumors floated when he started dating another Viner, Allicat. Tyler Oakley United States. Even after going back to his home town he never stopped creating videos and uploading them on his channel. He has also collaborated with and dating Vine stars who have their bases in California for creating these videos.

Kristen and Scotty sire love life

Scotty is currently living in California and his video has around 2 million followers in the current time and that is also hoping to get increased more in the coming years. Scotty Sire and Kristen with youtubers, Source: He has a younger brother named Davey. We all love vines.

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Scottysire has a very good and commanding voice. The only things that are known about his life prior to stardom are that he was a construction worker and then a bartender.

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