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I'm usually a jeans-and-tshirt kind of guy, and feel out of place dressed up — I toned it down about six notches from what I thought it said and still had people comment I was the best dressed in the room, without being out of place ;p. Go for older women. Plenty of women put men in this category too. Event sizes ranged from of each gender. Girls generally tick very few.

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I didn't expect to fall for someone so much older, but yeah, it happens. She was very attractive, who was a promotional model during uni to make ends meet. The other, who is still a good friend, we didn't click on that level but it was well worth going to meet her. I guess it's assumed you'd be honest about your age. Not so much about talking to girls, I'm a pretty talkative guy. Sometimes they might play speed dating in long island ny music which just adds to the noise.

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But even if I hadn't met anyone worth following up with, the nights themselves were fun enough to make it worthwhile. I've tried it a few times.

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As with most social events — I'd go without any expectations, and go speed dating brisbane 2013 for fun. I think one has to bring along their favourite book or something, though that probably just allows for even more judgement and criticism to be had. Of course my non-negotiables are different to other peoples. I'd never do it myself. But yes, certainly having speed dating brisbane 2013 topics which aren't about work and hobbies is a really good start.

Girls are too picky to do this though!

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That part was my fault, too. Not every age gap relationship is that stereotype, just like not all blondes are dumb, etc etc Prizes and games, and coaching the nervous people.

And if you find out that you don't like the status of 'friend' a girl has given you, you are free to look elsewhere. For some the 'randomness of the real world' just doesn't work so well. I went along twice, quite a few years ago.

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I enjoyed it, but was very tired after having thirteen dates, each lasting 8 minutes. Hehehe, wouldn't it be interesting if everyone did that?

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I say give it a go. I recommend Fast Impressions. If you're talking about: You hear about "speed dating" alot through the media but I've yet to meet any one who has a success story with it.