Telstra nbn hookup NBN Frequently Asked Questions

Telstra nbn hookup

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A rather complicated arrangement is used to set the wholesale pricing for access to the NBN. Connectivity counts, so does cutting costs — the benefits of cloud based services are realised with access to high-speed broadband.

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However, many experts contend that wireless can't cut it when it comes to high-speed broadband for several reasons.

Firstly, you should register your alarm at nbn.


But going back to the Netflix example, one 4K or ultra HD stream of a movie or TV show, which is available right now, will need at least a 25Mbps connection uninterrupted. What do all the acronyms mean?

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Still need to get in touch? As with most things to do with the NBN, the answer is — maybe.

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Most of us couldn't get through an hour, let alone a day, without the internet. How do I choose an NBN plan?

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Where the network has been rolled out we'll also be in touch directly to let you know your home or business is ready to get connected to services over the NBN. If you're a pensioner, check if you qualify for a discount for phone and internet services with your ISP. What do the terms download and upload mean?

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Your roof antenna connects to the NBN wireless tower that is connected back into the network with fibre cable. Do I need to do anything about internal cables?

The bandwidth or CVC Connectivity Virtual Circuit is a wholesale charge based on the amount of network capacity shared across a retail provider's users.

What if I can't afford the NBN? In pollie-speak, it didn't get bipartisan support from the get-go, which is another way of saying the two sides didn't agree on the plan for our national network and have been slugging it out ever since in parliament and parliamentary committees, and in the hookup through countless articles, political and tech blogs, and press hookups.

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Spring mattresses - what we found. Yes, you can just have a phone service when you move to the NBN. After this time, existing phone and internet services will be turned off. They say an all-fibre NBN won't require upgrades, is less technically complicated, requires less power and maintenance and is expandable in terms of speed and data consumption.