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Simkhai went on to say that though Grindr is often perceived as a hook-up app, gay men establish many different forms of connection through use of the social media platform.

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If you're lucky, or, in some cases, simply strategically positioned at the bar, you may land yourself some interactive tongue-diving and, if you're really lucky -- the grand prize -- some bad sex at the end of the evening. Great neighborhood bar, with great service, and a friendly atmosphere By last call, you just want someone to agree you're there.

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You and your friends are making plans for this weekend, when an idea hits. Now, having spent thousands of hours in bars participating in the mating ritual, I have to say, most of the behavior I've seen out there would probably leave most animals scratching their heads and heading back to the jungle, where it's safe. I mean, what are the chances that "the one" just happens to be the guy who groped you as you squeezed through the the hook up gay bar on your way to get a drink?

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Play the evening by ear. Tagged college bars going out gay bar lesbian bar queer bar lgbtq. Some of the photos and stories provide a window into the more fabulous side of the scene: Is Grindr negatively impacting the gay bar scene?

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Gay bars are no longer as crucial as gays become accepted and a virtual community exists online, Martin said. Of course, we all know that actually ending up in a relationship as a result of a bar encounter is a long shot.

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You settle the plans with your group and everyone is excitedly getting ready.