Triumph frame dating Triumph frame number dating

Triumph frame dating

In the thumbnail table I have put question marks for the years where no numbers seem to be available.

triumph frame number dating

Looking at the picture above, you'll see that below the headstock number - in this case F - you'll see the number T as it's stamped into the headstock, triumph frame number dating below the headstock part number. Here it didn't matter about serial numbers, as long as the right frames and gearboxes went together for the various models, and there would have been separate 'lines' for different models.

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Another lad probably would have been an older and more experienced apprentice who knew which items would be needed would transfer parts from the stores to the Assembly Shop. In many triumph frame number dating, it's pretty easy to tell they are not serial famous gay dating websites by the triumph frame dating they triumph frame number dating clearly molded in numbers at the time they were poured - not stamped numbers.

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Those are not frame numbers - they are the part numbers for the headstocks that are welded to the frames - sometimes referred to as the part triumph frame dating of the completed frame. A tribute to the success that Edward Turner achieved with the company. However, the factory or the Agency doing the work would have been told what code to stamp, and the new code would indicate the true date of that replacement.

For example T is a Speed Twin. Triumph frame number dating I have a Cub that I know to be correct from the factory as I know the original purchaser.

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The numbers were stamped into the steering head lug, not the down tube. I also get a lot of email asking I add a bike to the triumph frame number dating page and the owner lists either F or F as the frame number.

Ws and Ms can be stamped upside down, and sometimes a tired workman selected the punch next to the one his hand was aiming for! July - June Lastly, it appears there are some frames that were never serial numbered.

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There is no frame number stamped into the frame. The code then became three letters and January became TTI 1.

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Add a comment Cancel reply Your e-mail will not be published. Hi Jim, Can't say for sure about the 69's but in the seventys the frame numbers where found on the left down tube just about across from the ignition switch.

Triumph Frame ID Number.

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