Vespa club of britain dating certificate Dating Certificates

Vespa club of britain dating certificate

The process of getting the paperwork in place to register a pre motorcycle appears to be club of britain dating certificate intimidating.

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To obtain a dating certificate from the VMCC you will need to submit the engine and frame numbers, photos of the bike showing these numbers, along with other clear photos of the machine and any other data you may have like documents from the original country of origin.

When filling the NOVA form you will find that a great deal of it does not apply to old vehicles. To be honest, the date on a letter never used to be an issue.

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I will report when i receive it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Wayne Miller Falc Posts: Update Well i though i will be cheeky this morning and call Piaggio UK back to "double check" if they have received my email.

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Now with that in mind dvla should accept the recent one but not the other. Hi does anyone know if it's possible to register an imported old sprint as aso i can ride with a cbt?

Welcome to the official LCGB Website.

Not going to join Vespa club just for dating certificates they have very little else to offer Thought Pete only did Lammy stuff? My registration process has been a bloody nightmare. There is no club in the UK for the Gilera, so to obtain this data initially I contacted the Italian Gilera club with the details and photos.

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So proof of a date of manufacture seems to be required first of all before contacting hmrc. I'll need to go through this for my VBA. The new rules will of course cause an issue for all those of us with projects on the go and which, even in my case, have been on the go for sometime currently 18 months plus for me!

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It was requested yesterday and arrived today, and all FREE of charge. So which boxes do you fill in?

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In my life why do I smile at people who I'd much rather kick in the eye. You can obtain a certificate from the Vespa Club without having to join.

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Basic idea total jobsworth and twat he was is that as Vespa are still in exsistence they should do the dating letter. Then help to make RealClassic. I need a few, have always used Pete Davis with no problems.

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You may download pages from this site for your private use. So the DVLA were very efficient in completing this. I took a dating certificate, MOT certificate and temp insurance certificate obtained on the chassis number until a reg number is issued to my local DVLA office.

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Got the MOT with the frame number speed dating hangzhou the certificate and rode to the centre without number plates, quite legally and the long way round. The photo from the engine side should have the panel removed and the seat raised. Thanks for that, hopefully the scooter will arrive Thursday, papers should have been with me yesterday from DVLA, useless!

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These will be accepted by DVLA. If available, you will need: