Why isn there matchmaking for raids Bungie Explains Why Destiny Doesn’t Allow Matchmaking for Raids

Why isn there matchmaking for raids

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So a lack of matchmaking isn't really going to change the course of my day one way or another, other than the fact that I'm writing about a feature I never thought about for a game I don't like all that much. Nevertheless, Bungie wants to address the game's lack of camaraderie and they're going to do so in a way that fits the nature of the game.

The game itself feels like the skeleton of an MMO that was intended to evolve into a bustling single-player campaign, but neither idea came together in a way that made it satisfactory Are you looking to do this with me?

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The designer addressed the issue of finding decent matches for raids via in-game tools. If you were hoping to log-in to Destinywhy there matchmaking for raids up the game menu and open an option to instantly find a good raid team via a matchmaking tool Of course, even without matchmaking, there are still a number of other updates coming to the game with the update called 'Dark Below'. Casual players will probably continue to exist as if this news never entered their lives in the first place.

Is There Raid Matchmaking in Destiny 2?

It's not how do we change the raid-design philosophy to allow for matchmaking. Smith shoots down the idea that they need traditional tools that people are accustomed to, when discussing matchmaking Then again, Destiny is a game that literally bores me to sleep. However, the treat won't be matchmaking.

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So how do they plan to do this? PS3 and PS4 fans, as has been the trend with a lot of the promotional efforts for Bungie's title, will be receiving an exclusive treat in the update.

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Where you can say 'I want to do this. Well, Smith offers something of an old-school suggestion Blended From Around The Web. I think that's the challenge.